Grade-A Teak Furniture, Direct To You

When it comes to your home, whether that be your garden, dining room or lounge, we believe that quality teak furniture and value for money go hand in hand.

All of our teak furniture is beautifully crafted by experienced artisans from Central Java. We use only the finest Grade A premium teak wood, taken from the centre (heartwood) of the tree. Simply put, all your teak furniture is more durable and hardwearing, meaning you can sit back and enjoy it for longer.

This wood has been kiln-dried, and carefully selected & sourced from certified, ecologically-managed and sustainable government plantations. This is crucial to us and ensures that there will be a continuous supply of teak wood for many generations to come, whilst sustaining the economies of the small rural communities with whom we have partnered.

When you place your order our specialist logistics team will be on hand to deliver your furniture in our 100% recyclable packaging.

Featured Teak Products

Shop the Look – The Chester Collection

We are delighted to present the stunning Chester Collection from our range of Grade-A teak furniture. The Chester, one of our favourites, is a classic looking suite of furniture which will fit perfectly with any garden.

By adding soft and comfortable weatherproof cushions, you can ensure that your time outdoors can be as comfortable as indoors. The Chester Collection also comes ready-assembled for your convenience.

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Our Approach To Sustainability

We are committed to preserving the environment in which we live, and to ensuring, specifically, that the forests of Central Java, Indonesia, from where its products originate, are sustainable.

For this reason, all the wood used in the production of our garden furniture comes from Government plantations which have been approved and certified, and hold the Green Leaf Certificate.

Their ethos, like ours, is to ensure that there is an adequate supply of teak trees for many years to come. They also take every precaution and action (including visual onsite inspections) to ensure that for every tree used, at least another one is planted. They also use recycled teak wood in some of its products wherever suitable and available.

What is Grade A Teak Furniture?

Simply put, it’s the finest grade of teak wood available. It comes from the very centre of the mature teak tree, where the wood is at its hardest (often referred to as “the heartwood”). Combined with its natural oils and minerals, it lasts for many years without the need for heavy treatment.

This dense and durable wood is free from knots and has an even golden colour – changing to a beautiful silver-grey over time. It’s easily distinguishable from other teak grades.

Its close grain and density means that it is impermeable to water and resistant to insects and woodworm. It’s also resistant to UV light and severe changes in climate, meaning it doesn’t crack or warp.

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